Elizabeth Johnson  

Alexis McKee  

I am the Dental Hygienist at American Fork and I thoroughly enjoy working for this company. I love the atmosphere and upbeat attitude of my colleagues. We work hard to make your dental experience a positive one. Give us a call and we can get you scheduled and become your dental home!

Jessica Murdock  

I took both my 8 year old and 3 year old daughters there, and it was great experience from beginning to end. It was the first time for my 3 year old (don't judge me 😳) Jacqueline was great at making it a fun experience for her. Jessica helped take care of my 8 year old who had some infection on a tooth she had worked on a while ago. And the dentist was great too. Overall, everyone was friendly, everything was clean, and at the end I had a credit on my account that I didn't know was there which was an added bonus. πŸ‘πŸΌ

steven jordan  

The service I receive here is 5 star every time. They staff is fantastic. They always welcome me like family. The dentists are very kind, explains thing clearly, answer my questions and show me the pictures of my teeth on the computer screens. The are very advance with technology. I could imagine going anywhere else or trusting any other office with my families dental care

Joelynne MacKenzie  

I have been working for young family dental for over 3 years now. I have enjoyed working here, the staff is wonderful the dentists are absolutely great! We have amazing patients with great smiles.

Leslie James  

Jen Cox  

Chris Young  

Cecilia Burk Carter  

Good service, friendly and helpful staff, very clear instructions for post wisdom teeth extraction and the price was right!

Jessica Ney  

Awesome sauce. The entire staff was very polite and professional!!! Thank you all so very much

Lani Pili  

I have gone to Young Family Dental for almost thirty years. Dr. Wayne Young passed it down to his sons who have carried on his legacy, knowledge, and professionalism. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. I always recommend them to everyone! Find out for yourselves...

Alex Sadleir  

Slow at times but always friendly with solid service

Kate Aragon  

Fast and friendly from regular checkups to major work, I've always been satisfied with my care at Young Family Dental.

Eliza Griffiths  

Friendly staff, great service. I enjoyed my visit.

Samantha Espinoza  

Angela Ure Cothran  

My son had four wisdom teeth extracted today. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciate that they had my insurance information figured out before we even got there. The procedure was fast and professional. YFD even had a coupon for $100 off. Great experience!

Michele Mith  

Young Family Dental American Fork have a Great Staff, The ladies at the front desk are very pleasant. Will recommend to everyone!

Thomas Bird  

Jessica, Alexis, and Dr. Mike were aces. Being new to the area my wife and I had made an appointment with another dental facility but we were very uncomfortable as we looked over their paperwork (I think they may have wanted a firstborn!!) as well making the appointment with someone that was in TEXAS! Young Dentistry is a place that makes you feel good just by walking in the door. The gals at the front desk are all smiles and seem genuinely happy to see you. Nothing but high praise for this team!!

Misty Birch Webber  

Dr Chris was great with my son baby tooth extractions. The staff is friendly and they answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them.

Anne-Marie Dietz Gross  

Our family of seven have been loyal patients of this dental office for years! We refer many friends, family and neighbors! The staff treats you like family and make us feel welcome every time we go! A big shout out to Diane, who schedules all of our kids at once! Makes life easier for our busy family! They have top of the line equipment and really take time to be thorough with each patient. I have been to several dentists and this is by far my favorite!!!

Nancy Aird  

Excellent service. I had a cracked tooth and they got me taken care of quickly. The staff is friendly and Dr. Young was kind and gentle I highly recommend Young Family Dental.


Thanks Tracie! The staff here was amazing and reasonable and very fair. I appreciated the service!


A great experience. The staff are amazing. Hailey H. Was so friendly and caring and made my visit very comfortable. Thank you!


Just moved to the area and was looking for a dentist. Found a good one! Being the wife of a dentist, I know what to expect. Got excellant care from Dr. Workman and Makayla. In fact, he went to school with our son-in-law! Small world! Thanks.


I have had anxiety about the dentist for some time, today was no exception. The staff blew my mind, they were so kind and made me feel comfortable. Not once did they make me feel ashamed for the state of my teeth and they spoke to me like a friend not a patient. I am so grateful to them and can't wait to continue to use them for years to come for all my family's and my dentistry needs.


We are new in town and my son was quite nervous about going to a new dentist. Our assistant Shelsea B. was very kind and patient with him and put him at ease in no time. The check up went great and we are happy with our new dentist. Thanks

Christi Katz  

Went in today and had to wait for an hour and a half for what should have been a 5-10 minute procedure. I had to wait for their laser tool to come from their Orem office. Lack of planning on their part caused me to wait an extra long time. I had to change my plans with the babysitter because I was supposed to come back sooner. They also said they'd give me a discount, which was hardly anything and to pay the amount in full before they got word on the insurance.

Steve Shallenberger  

Dr. Jared Hemmert completed an implant on my FRONT TOOTH. Dr. Hemmert assured me this would be a great procedure and worth it. He was 100% right. I was really to brace myself for pain. I did not feel pain anywhere along on this procedure. Dr. Hemmert and the Young Family Dental EXCEEDED my expectations in every way. Dr. Hemmert and the entire staff are a 10+++. I'm glad I had the implant done. If needed again, I wouldn't hesitate going back to them again. Thank you for a job well done.

Jerry Rowan  

I usually don't like going to any dentist office. However Young Family Dental is wonderful and I like going there. Everyone who works there is great and they always check to see if you are ok. Recently Dr. Jared Hemmert repaired a hole in my gums from a tooth removal. I couldn't have asked for a better Dentist and Dental Assistances. The hole is now closed and I'm happy. The staff at this office is super they always greet me by my first name and this makes me comfortable instantly. It is hard for me to believe there is a better dental office.


Young Family Dental Saratoga Springs has been a wonderful place to work. It has been 7 plus years since I have worked in the dental field. I recently got hired at the end of May and the front office staff has been patient and helpful at showing me how to work the software again. All the Dentist's are really fun to work with and I have seen first hand how each of them will go above and beyond to help patients. If you are looking for a new Dentist I would highly recommend Young Family Dental in Saratoga Springs!!!


Makayla and dr. Workman were great to work with- took good care of my kids

Jessica Maughan  

I had an amazing experience with this clinic. I was visiting from out of state and had recently had a root canal back home. While on vacation I started experiencing severe pain in that same location. Unfortunately it was fourth of July weekend and I couldn't find anyone who was able to fit me in. Finally I was able to contact Dr. Young while on call and whom was on vacation himself; and he was able to get me into his clinic to be seen by his staff right away. The staff was very generous and empathetic towards my situation. They understood my circumstances and treated me with value. Their quality of care continued even after my visit. I was very impressed with and grateful for the care I received .


I was told that for what my son was getting I would have a discount on the whitening for $206... the whitening did not take.. so I asked for a refund and now they say I can't get the money back because it was free and the $206 was put towards the balance.. now does that make sense? Little dishonest I'd say!

Joseph Topham  

The Experience was great and Kallie did an awesome job helping us with Problems when it came to out insurance to insure we were not stuck with a high bill (Very Caring & Customer Strong). Thanks Kallie

David Cloward  

Shayla was my dental assistant and I am so impressed with her professionalism that I totally recommend a big raise for her. Seriously!!! I've been to other locations and dentists and she should teach all the other dental assistants how to do their job better. The dentist was great too. Thank you Shayla. Give Shayla a raise!!!

Maziyar shirzad (Mazi)  

I had so many dental works here and I love it β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜Š

Vince Garcia  

Hi I'm the one with the Popcorn problem, I keep breaking my teeth on popcorn and your staff does a wonderful job with my care and putting my mouth back together Thanks Dr. Workman.


While visiting Utah I needed urgent dental care. The staff was very accommodating & helpful & I received excellent care by Dr. Pelton. Probably my first pain less visit to a dentist. I would recommend him to anyone!

Pascal (for Oceanne)  

We went to Young Dental in West Jordan for my daughter Oceanne for a tooth filling and the service received was topnotch! Taisha took great care of Oceanne and reassured her and we felt we were in good hands. I would recommand them greatly!

Heather brinton  

I had an appointment. They called and asked me to cone early. Then I sat for an hour and a half. Well past my original appointment. Then was yelled at by the tech. Then refused any pain medication after an extraction. And given zero after care instructions. No extra gauze. Nothing. Just booted out so thru could leave early. Wouldn't recommend them for anything.

Vincent M.  

It is very hard to find dental office who care about your teeth. They are not just rush you in and out. My hygienist is very great and I like her work. She is awesome and she make sure your teeth are clean. I feel comfortable around her and I am not afraid to get my teeth scrape. She love her job. Give her a rise! Great Job Carleigh! ;)


I don't know if it's because I'm older old or what these people are really really very nice to me. I had them do a full set of upper dentures. I will say though if I was younger I would have had implants these are taking some time to get used to but as far as a service and some of the dentist that are there best I ran into

Sean M  

Sean McGee  

Dr Workman and Palm did a great job with me , made me feel comfortable , eliminated any chance of pain , all I had to do was show up and they took care of everything.... Highly Recommend

Thomas Broadwell  

This was a scheduled cleaning visit, which has been a routine for many years, now. The hygienist this time was actually able to remove stains from my teeth, which have been left untouched at previous cleaning visits for years, so that is a big positive for the personnel changes that have happened. Everyone during my visit was very professional and did quality work. Made it through this visit with no extra dental work needed ... yahoooo! The front office is all new people, too, and Jenifer at the reception desk offers a bright and bubbly experience to keep the flow moving.


Sincerely caring and attentive staff, and so easy to get into. Tracie and Jen are wonderful.

LaRaine Christensen  

I wasn't happy with my whole experience there. The only positive is that I was expecting to get a tooth extracted and the dentist decided to save the tooth, do a root canal and cap. I am thankful for that. The dentist had no bedside manner at all. He was very rude to me through the whole experience. It was like I was supposed to read his mind with everything he was doing. When I wasn't doing exactly what he asked, he became frustrated with me. Had no patience at all. The first time I went in, the girl was very inexperienced and I am the one that had to wait around for things to be done right. No, I won't go into this office again. AND telling me that I have periodontal when I had a deep cleaning from a dental school 1 month prior. Yeah, something is not right. If I find out from the dental school that I don't have periodontal, I will be making complaints about this office.

LaNae Sharp  

Dominique treated me with great kindness. She took care of my every need in the chair and after my visit with a phone call to see how I was doing. Thank you Young Dental for hiring her in your practice. She is your great asset!

Kathleen St. Clair  

From the moment you walk in you are ready for a great experience, even if it is the dentist!!! Those who work at the front desk are friendly, personable and quick to respond. The dental assistants provided great care. Both my husband and I needed extensive dental work. Dr. Hemmert was unbelievable in how well and pain free he was able to complete all the work and our teeth now look great. Having spent my entire life always terrified of the dentist, I now walk in confident that things will go well and with as little pain and inconvenience as possible. He is very quick and caring. I cannot recommend Dr. Hemmert highly enough.

Steve St. Clair  

I needed to have major work on my mouth including several extractions, implants, bridges and crowns. Over the past 6 months Dr. Hemmert slowly rebuilt my mouth. The teeth match the color of the rest of my mouth, they fit tightly and snugly. My mouth looks natural and whole again and I no longer need to restrict my diet to soft foods, I can eat all foods and meats with confidence and comfort. Dr. Hemmert did an excellent job on restoring my mouth-thank you so much.

Samantha Allsup  

Samantha Allsup  

I just moved here a year ago from AZ. I have seen the same dentist office since I was 8 years old and I was really hesitant about going to a new dentist. I found Young Family Dental on google and had a really good experience at the American Fork office. My wait was less than 5 minutes and all of my concerns were addressed and sympathized. My cleaning went great and my fillings were not painful. I definitely recommend this office if you need dental work

Christy A Wilcox  

Had a really good experience with my kids at this dentist office

Bryan Nicholes  

I had nothing but a great experience while going to see the team at Young Family Dental in West Jordan today. Leah was great and she did a great job explaining everything that she was doing and listening to what I had to say. After seeing many different dentists I can say that Dr. Workman and his team are the best I have seen and I will continue to go there and would recommend them to anyone.

Ray Feliciano  

I had my dental check up today. The staff was very professional and friendly.Crystal and Leah,their dental assistants, took good care of me.I highly recommend this dental office to everyone.


Love this place and they care. We recently changed insurance companies and were without a dentist. We had a scare with my 2yo little girl and they got us in same day for a checkup as a new patient. Our whole family goes here now and they are great. Leah did an awesome job and was very professional.


Baylee was very great nice and worked very well

Lisa buchanan  

This IS THE PLACE to go to get the best service when it comes to your needs to your mouth! This team of dentists and assistants are absolutely THE BEST sand THR NICEST a people ever , I have experienced in a dental office! I have had my whole mouth just filled and saved from the brink of completely losing my tethe , to now being able to smile proudly again! Thank you Young Family Dental. Thanks Orchid, Leah,Alexandria, Dr. Loser! You are the best!


Nikki Nelson did such a good job cleaning my teeth. I have had very painful regular checkups and she made all the nerves and anxiety go away by being kind to my teeth and gums! I hope she cleans my teeth next time!

Sergio Bodero   

The staff there is always very friendly. I had my teeth cleaned by Leah at the West Jordan location and she was very thorough. Thank you again Leah you’re awesome

Andrea N  

I've had really bad experiences with dentists in the past. I was really hesitant about where to go. This was the first place I called since it was local and they accepted my insurance . The experience I had was amazing! The staff treated me very well even though I had some teeth issues. The dentist was friendly and explained everything to me. I give this place five 🌟 stars. I'm so glad I finally found a great dentist.

Glenn J.   

I had a great experience with Leah, the hygienist. She made me feel comfortable and she did not rush to get finished and move on to the next person. She took her time and made me feel that she cared about doing a great job. I was very satisfied with the treatment that I received from her and the entire staff. Everyone was friendly and happy. It is a great office with an positive and professional atmosphere.


you family dental is amazing. the assistant dominique helped me out so much.


young family dentil was awesome! dominique helped me a ton!

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